Mobile POLICY  

Detailing Policy

Scheduling appointment

All services must be booked a minimum of 24hrs in advance Services provided that are not scheduled will be subject to additional charges 


Appointment Confirmation

All appointments must me confirmed no later than two hours prior to scheduled appointment to avoid any cancellation fees


After hours / same day appointment

We provide 24 hour service within the Washington metropolitan area (DMV) . With great service at high demand additional fees will be charged if service is provided same or if appointment is not booked within normal business hours day. Visit mobile fee section for more details 


Luxury - Exotic - historic

All vehicles under this section are priced accordingly to accommodate and preserve the quality of all vehicles and an additional $20 - $50 will be charged at our professional discretion 


Service downgrade

We strongly recommend that each customer take out the necessary time to choose the package that best fits your vehicles condition. With auto detailing at such high demand there will be a inconvenience fee charged of $25 for the downgraded service additional to service provided 


Removal of trash and personal items

Cleaning up bulk trash and personal items is not a service that is provided in any of our packages. We  genuinely ask that all customers remove all personal items from vehicle ,along with disposing of any unwanted item prior to service. If items are left in vehicle there will be an additional $20 clean up fee charged to service 


 Lost or misplaced items

Please take the time to remove all valuable items from your vehicle before your detailer arrives. We strongly suggest this to prevent any unlikely accidents from happening . Please remove any  weapons, drugs, money, wallets,purses, fashionable attire , car seats, car chargers, gps, GoPro, mail ,receipts, keys, jewelry, glass bottles, tablets , phones, toys and anything related to the cowboys. We will respect each vehicle as it was our own and will not be responsible for any person failing to read this policy nor the items in question 

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