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A Top-Tier Paint Protection and Comprehensive Automotive Mobile Detailing In Columbia, MD - 
Lucas Mobile Detailing

Our Most Popular Detailing Services

Interior & Exterior Rejuvenation

This is our most Popular detailing package which includes the rejuvenating full interior cleaning and exterior wash & wax.

Rather you have a mini-van, work truck, or an everyday vehicle we can significantly make the interior look beautiful again for you.

Ceramic Coating

Make maintaining your cars gloss and shine a breeze with a protective ceramic coating. Our clients have the luxury of choosing between 2 year, 5 year, and 10 year protective coatings.

Rather you want a Gyeon quartz, or System X ceramic coating, you can count on Mendez to do whatever it take to protect your prized possession.

Monthly Subscription

Upkeep your cars shine with a biweekly, or monthly visit.

Adding protective layers to both the interior and exterior of your car frequently is going to ensure your vehicle keeps its value and stays looking brand new year round.

There's no better feeling than stepping into a freshly detailed ride!



Keeping precipitation buildup and damaging sun rays away from your paint, glass, metal, and more is not a magic trick - It is the work of the nanoparticles and hydrophobic surfaces of the GYEON QUARTZ Ceramic Coating packages found at Lucas Detailing, Hand applied by top-tier and trained car care pros, your paint will sparkle indefinitely!



When mud, road wash, and dirt get into the hidden places of both your vehicle’s interior and exterior, it is time to call in a team to fully decontaminate and restore those areas! Lucas Detailing In The DMV Area, specializes in cleaning cloth, vinyl, leather, and plastic on the insides of your vehicle in addition to decontaminating paint, metal, carbon fiber, and other exterior surfaces.

Servicing The Washington DC area - At Your Home, Apartment or Office Location


Lucas has fully invested into ensuring a complete hassle free experience by providing our own water supply and electricity making the process super simple and easy for you. All we need is access to your car and we'll work our magic!

We try our best to keep all our clients happy by making sure we're able to make it out no matter where you may be outside of Washington DC. Here are a few of the service areas we're currently doing mobile detailing in.

  • Washington DC

  • Anne Arundel County

  • Howard County

  • PG County

  • Arlington VA

  • Alexandria VA

  • Fairfax VA

  • Springfield VA

Gallery Of Lucas Mobile Detailing Best Work

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